Lori Parlin for Supervisor 2018

Keith Little endorses Lori

Endorsements by Community Groups

El Dorado Hills Citizens for Sensible Development
Georgetown Preservation Society
Green Valley Alliance
No San Stino
Residents Involved in Positive Planning
Shingle Springs Community Alliance
Stop Tilden Park

Endorsements by Businesses

Solstice Artisan Jewelry – “Lori Parlin will encourage economic growth in El Dorado county that is compatible with the rural lifestyle of its residents. She is the BEST candidate for the residents of El Dorado county!”

Endorsements by Individuals

  • Betsy Bateson, Shingle Springs
  • Sean and Kim Bechta, Shingle Springs
  • Jamie Beutler, Placerville
  • Donna Biles, Shingle Springs – “Cares about what people want, not to special interests.”
  • Jason Bird, Fair Play – “It would be heaven on earth if most politicians were like Lori.”
  • Jessica Erin Bond, Cameron Park
  • Dr. Richard Boylan, Diamond Springs – “Lori Parlin is honest and not beholden to the Developers. She cares about our County and keeping it rural. She stands by the voter-approved General Plan. She is a person of the people, approachable, plain-speaking, and fair. Vote in Lori and let’s return the Board of Supervisors to doing the people’s will.”
  • Maria Brugger, Shingle Springs – “Lori does her homework and understands this county. She is an advocate of strong
    business communities while keeping our rural lifestyle as a top priority. Her only priority is a healthy county and healthy communities. Vote Parlin for District 4 Supervisor.”
  • Bryan Chase, Placerville
  • Della Clavere, El Dorado Hills – “Lori ‘persists’ in her advocacy for residents.”
  • Diane Connolly, Shingle Springs – “We need a new direction in El Dorado County – Lori Parlin is it!”
  • Kyle Connolly, Shingle Springs – “Lori Parlin is the change that El Dorado County needs.”
  • Tim Costello, Shingle Springs – “Lori is a true community advocate who has worked tirelessly on efforts to protect the rural quality of life we enjoy.”
  • Ron Crone, former Georgetown Postmaster
  • Kenny (Skibum) Curtzwiler, Meyers – “Lori is for the community where most others are for the County. There is a big difference between doing what is right for the County versus doing what is right for the Community. Thankfully she know’s the difference.”
  • John Doering, Shingle Springs
  • Fran DuChamp, Pollock Pines – “Lori Parlin is the best candidate for dist. 4 supervisor. She understands the county and the need to follow the rules of contracts and the general plan. We live in a beautiful place, and if not protected by compatible land planning, will soon be paved over.”
  • Becky Hobgood, Shingle Springs – “Lori is a go getter… She is really doing this for us!!!.. a rare breed in this day and age.”
  • Brendan Hunter
  • Hannah Jacobsen, Shingle Springs
  • Dan Jenkins, Shingle Springs
  • Heidi Leveroni, Camino Heights
  • Keith Little, Garden Valley
  • Eve J. Lowry, Shingle Springs – “Lori has been working tirelessly helping community groups to understand the workings of county government so that we, who live here, have a voice in our own government. She will be an excellent Supervisor.”
  • Teresa Lueras, Shingle Springs – “Lori will help keep us rural. That’s the reason we live here.  No more over-development.”
  • Ed and Linda Mattson, Shingle Springs – “We need a voice for our community!”
  • Jeannette Maynard, Shingle Springs – “Lori Parlin truly cares about El Dorado County and would make an excellent Supervisor. She is a person of her word, exceptional at research and follow through, and works well with people. Lori stands with the residents and cannot be bought by special interests. Please join me in supporting Lori Parlin’s campaign for District 4 Supervisor in 2018.”
  • Kathleen McPherson, Shingle Springs – “Lori is one of the hardest working community-minded people that I know. AND she always has a smile.”
  • Michael C. Mueller, RCDD, DCC, DSCE – “Lori is ‘We The People'”
  • Barbara and Keith Murray, Placerville – “Hardworking & honest! She has our vote.”
  • Carolyn O’Connor, Georgetown – “The current representation in District 4 is the same old pay for play. That’s not Lori’s way. Not taking any developer money speaks volumes; therefore she’s not beholden to any outside influence. She is the change that El Dorado county needs and she has my vote.”
  • Meg O’Neill, Shingle Springs
  • Ken and Kris Presba, Georgetown
  • Steven Proe, Greenwood – “Lori, does her homework and has been helpful in many ways in preserving the Rural Atmosphere and Affordable Life Style for many.  Lori is also not for sale to the Chamber of Commerce and the in-county and out-of-county developers that do not care about retaining the rural lifestyle many of us enjoy, which has been attacked by the present supervisor.”
  • Mary Rich, Shingle Springs
  • Barbara Driskell Rogers, Cameron Park
  • Jeff and Derren Schmidt, Georgetown
  • Dennis Smith, Georgetown
  • Kirk Smith, Placerville – “She will bring integrity and competence to the office.”
  • Bettie Jane and William Srader, Shingle Springs
  • Stan Stailey, Shingle Springs
  • Susan Statti, Shingle Springs
  • Sue Taylor, Camino – “Lori has been serving the community for years because of her love for El Dorado County. She has been assisting community groups through the confusing government process in order to protect the quality of life promised in our County General Plan. Vote for Lori!”
  • Don and Ellen Van Dyke, Placerville – “Lori will not ‘play politician’ with our land development issues, and she will not flip on you. We need her advocacy on the Board.”
  • Monique Wilber, Shingle Springs – “Lori Parlin is local and authentic. She is not beholden to special interests who stand to financially benefit from their candidates holding office. Vote Lori Parlin!”
  • Shelley Wiley, Shingle Springs
  • Brian Wright, Rescue
  • Nancy Wright, Diamond Springs
  • Barbara Zagaris, Auburn – “Lori has our best interest at heart Always!”

Add your name to the list of people who endorse Lori Parlin for Supervisor 2018.

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