Lori Parlin for Supervisor 2018

Activities and Accomplishments as a Community member

Lori was the lead coordinator of the effort to update the Buckeye Elementary School’s computer lab in 2003. This was a two-year effort that involved bringing together many different interests and funding sources. The path was difficult because of the layers of bureaucracy that are unique to schools, but persistence played a key role in creating a project in which everyone involved was proud.

During the 2004-2005 and 2005-2006 school years, Lori was a member of the Buckeye Elementary School Site Council and participated on a subcommittee to update the school’s Safety Plan.

After working extensively on the Measure K campaign to improve local schools with bond funding, Lori served a 2-year term as the Parent Representative on the Buckeye School District Steering Committee. The committee was responsible for monitoring how the funds were spent and reporting to the public.

Lori was the Secretary for the Camerado Parents Club for three years, which was a great way to create relationships and share information between the school’s staff, administration, and its parents.

As a supporter of our local schools and the arts, Lori volunteered her time to create and maintain a website for the Ponderosa High School Visual Arts Department, maintain the Ponderosa High School Sober Grad Night Committee, and continues to maintain the El Dorado High School Alumni Association website.

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