Vote Parlin

Lori for Supervisor 2018

A few things about Lori:

  • Lori is community oriented and devoted to honoring and supporting the unique characteristics of each community as they strive to develop their sense of place and path to economic success.
  • Lori prefers economic development to include strong downtowns and tourism, agriculture, and geotourism, including bike trails, train rides, and river activities, not high-density rooftops.
  • Lori supports voter-enacted Measure Y, voter-enacted Measure E, and their goal to prevent traffic gridlock in El Dorado County.
  • Lori encourages balance in decision making and is ready to make tough decisions when necessary.
  • Lori has been and continues to be an advocate for open, trustworthy, and citizen-friendly local government.
  • Lori believes in community-driven development that blends with the quality of life of existing neighborhoods.
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