Lori Parlin for Supervisor 2018

I grew up in Camino and Pollock Pines.  My husband and I raised our family in Shingle Springs.  Like you, I treasure El Dorado County as my home.  That is why I’m running for Supervisor: to protect our home from current leaders whose actions threaten our quality of life with urbanization and higher taxes.  We do not want Rancho Cordova density, or Orange County traffic.  For this reason, I have been working with community groups, such as the Georgetown Preservation Society, Shingle Springs Community Alliance, and Rural Communities United, to ensure orderly development that we, the voters, approved in our General Plan to protect our rural quality of life.

I acknowledge that our county is facing tough decisions regarding growth and all of the issues that come with it.  However, I will not make far-fetched campaign promises or accept big developer money to win, because my priority as a Supervisor will be to earn your trust by delivering.  As Supervisor, I will protect your paycheck by making sure your tax dollars do real work, paying for road maintenance and public safety.  We need leaders who listen to the public, not big-moneyed special interests.

I will work for you.

A few things about Lori:

  • Lori is community oriented and devoted to honoring and supporting the unique characteristics of each community as they strive to develop their sense of place and path to economic success.
  • Lori prefers economic development to include strong downtowns and tourism, agriculture, and geotourism, including bike trails, train rides, and river activities, not high-density rooftops.
  • Lori supports voter-enacted Measure Y, voter-enacted Measure E, and their goal to prevent traffic gridlock in El Dorado County.
  • Lori encourages balance in decision making and is ready to make tough decisions when necessary.
  • Lori has been and continues to be an advocate for open, trustworthy, and citizen-friendly local government.
  • Lori believes in community-driven development that blends with the quality of life of existing neighborhoods.
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